Giloy - The Miracle Herb...​

Yes, me and you have seen this herb making its rounds all across the internet for it benefits and immunity boosting properties. The benefits of Giloy (tinospora cordifolia) has even been praised by the WHO and the Ministry of AYUSH.

Wanting to try the same for myself, i headed out to buy a supplement that can easily add Giloy to my daily diet with ease and without side effects.


"Partial Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing..."

-Alexander Pope-

Day 1: The Hunt

Yes, i started with a nearby Ayurveda store in Rajajinagar, Bangaluru, which had over 8 variations of Giloy in multiple forms enriched with Tulsi, Neem, Aloe-Vera etc. This got me confused as every version had a different benefit to offer. Confused, i retuned home and decided to research on Giloy. 

My requirements were

1. Learn all pro’s and con’s of the herb
2. Understand why different combinations of the herb exists
3. Find out the best combination for myself
4. Check if there’s a universally recommendable formulation of the same

Day 2-4: Research

This took a couple of days as there were multiple resources with multiple outcomes. All My findings are summarized as below. I’d referred old documented Ayurveda texts, scripts and multiple research articles to conclude what follows

Lesser Known Side effects of Giloy (No one speaks about)
1. Giloy if taken regularly in concentrated form can cause male impotence which has not been studied extensively, so i cannot assure you if it’s temporary or a potential long term side effect.
2. Giloy extracts and juices are diuretic in nature. This can cause imbalance in body fluids and salts and it is dangerous for pregnant women.
3. It causes temporary weight loss due to its diuretic nature and slightly thickens the blood in the process which may increase chances of atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposit in arteries) for those with high blood cholesterol.

Commonly known Side effects of regular Giloy extract /vati /capsules and juices
1. Constipation: The problem can be caused by using Giloy in any form.
2. Low Levels Of Blood Sugar: Giloy may reduce blood sugar levels. DO NOT consume at night.
3. Increase In Autoimmune Disease Symptoms: Over-stimulate the immune system and make it more active. (Common for all Immune Boosters)

Day 5: Conclusion: The Hidden Gem

This made no sense to me as i and you both know Giloy is a good poptent herb. That’s when i came across VAJRA by Ayurahar.

Vajra is blended with 12 herbs to intervene and balance out all the above mentioned side effects and enhance the immunity boosting properties of GILOY.
1.Payasvini : For its antihypertensive properties
2.Ksheeravidari : For its spermatogenic properties and fertility boosting effects
3.Bhadra Musta : For its antibacterial and reducing both Triglyceride and Total Cholesterol levels
4.Kala Jeera : For its gastro-protective properties and overall wellness & healing properties
5.Punarnava : For its laxative effects
6 & 7. Erandam & Devadaru : To fight fungal infections and parasites which Giloy is not found to be effective by itself
8. Kachurah: Studies say this herb has better antibacterial activity than penicillin with zero side effects.
9. Shweta Musali : Acts as an aphrodisiac and improves test levels and sperm quality (volume, liquefaction time, count and motility)
Overall benefits of VAJRA – In a single line – It will keep you safe, healthy and bring out the best version of yourself and its suitable for all.

And YES its Certified Additive free, Organic, Natural and Safe for long term consumption too !!!

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