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Shodhana in ayurveda is a detox program that’s recommended 1-2 times a year for healthy adults and as per need for the rest.  

The process helps in reversing internal and external damage caused to the body due to poor nutrition and lifestyle and helps flush out all toxins.

Traditionally, a variation of Shodhana is the treatment protocol Ayurveda recommends for any illness. 

 If you notice you have any of the following symptoms, you might benefit from a detoxification program:

• Thick white layer of coating on the tongue
• Lack of hunger and indigestion
• Tired throughout the day, especially after meals
• Body aches and pains
• Uncontrollable cravings
• Foggy mind
• Bad smelling breath, unpleasant body odor, smelly sweat , and flatulence
• Constipation or diarrheas
• Disturbed sleep
• Irregular periods
• Lack of enthusiasm and lethargy

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from detoxification. If you are healthy, then you will become stronger and have more energy. If you are sick, it will help you to get back to health in a natural way. Prevention is important! Anything you can do to maintain a state of balance will ensure you in living a healthy and wholesome life. Here are a few benefits of doing detoxification:
• Eliminates impurities and toxins accumulated due to your current busy lifestyle from your body and mind
• Restores your mind-body constitutional balance (or doshas) hence improves health and wellness
• Strengthens your immune system and you become more resistant to illness
• Reverses the negative effects of stress on your body and mind thereby slowing the aging process
• Enhances your intellect, self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality, and mental clarity
• Brings about deep relaxation and a sense of health and well-being
• Removes diseases from their root cause and makes sure that they don’t recur ever again and even if they recur it is in a very mild form
• Brings back the equilibrium of body and mind and hence you get proper sleep and thus mental peace
• Improves skin lustre and texture
• If obese it helps in improving metabolism and thus helps in weight loss in natural and healthy way
• Strengthens hair from the roots and makes them strong
• Brings overall improvement in the whole body functioning

Swastha Rutu Shodhana (Seasonal Detoxification in healthy person): Due to the extremes of weather conditions in different seasons, people are likely to suffer from morbid accumulation of the doshas and the resultant illness. These influences are best treated by the detoxification procedures. This also helps in prevention of forthcoming diseases. 

People who Benefit the most from Shodhana ( Detox)

• those suffering from indigestion
• anorexia
• obesity
• heaviness
• exhaustion
• appearances of boils
• urticarial rashes
• itching
• any kind of uneasiness
• lassitude
• fatigue
• debility
• foul smell of breathe and sweat
• depression
• regurgitation of kapha and pitta – sour belching and heart burn like feelings
• sleeplessness or oversleep
• drowsiness
• impotency
• intellectual impairment
• inauspicious dreams
• loss of strength and complexion even after saturation with body promoting nutrients
• fever
• paleness
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• heart disease
• constipation
• feeling of heaviness
• excess of belching
• nausea
• repeated headaches
• irregular periods
• altered bowel habits

No Avoidance. Suitable to all as program and medications will vary from person to person.

Although if you’re not determined to follow every step to its fullest, you will not be able to reap full benefits of the program.


NOTE : The process will involve other steps in severe cases and cannot be taken up by us remotely. We will refund you if we are unable to handle your case. Eg. Liver Cirrhosis, Cancers etc

detox (SHODHANA) timeline

The Doctor will evaluate the patient and give diet recommendations and medications required for the body to Boost Digestion and Metabolism

Key Benefits 

The healing tradition of Ayurveda teaches that health and wellbeing depends upon our ability to digest everything we take in from the environment. This includes not only tangible substances like food and drink, but also our experiences, emotions, and the impressions we take in via our sensory portals, namely our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Agni is the Sanskrit term for the “digestive fire,” that breaks down the food and other things we ingest from the environment, allowing us to assimilate what is useful, and eliminating the rest.
When our digestive ability, or agni, is strong, we create healthy tissues, eliminate waste products efficiently, and produce a subtle essence called ojas. Ojas, which is a Sanskrit word that means strength, can be envisioned as the innermost vital essence. According to Ayurveda, ojas is the basis for clarity of perception, physical strength, and immunity. On the other hand, if our agni is weakened through improper eating, lack of activity, negative emotional energy or unhealthy daily routine, our digestion will be hampered and we produce toxins that get stored in the body. According to Ayurveda, this toxic residue, known as ama, is the root cause of disease.
When we correct agni with proper medication and food, ama can be eliminated from the system. This process my itself might be a remedy to several underlying issues in the body. Also it can help in preparing the body to accept the medicaments we require for the proper cure of a disease.

*here only ghee will be our main food and if at all we take in something it would be rice soup.

The Doctor will now give an updated diet, evaluate the patient’s Dosha’s and prescribe a Medicated Ghee which is customised for the patient’s rejuvenation and recovery of any ailments.

Key Benefits 

The ayurvedic practice believes that ghee is one of the best “oily” carrier due to its power to assimilate effectively the properties of the herbs without losing its own beneficial properties. Ghee also accelerates the bioavailability of the nutrients in the herbs. Therefore, you get both benefits from the ghee and fat-soluble nutrients from the herbs. When buying a medicated ghee, note that the ghee is the preservative for the medicinal herbs which keeps the nutrients available for a long period of time without reducing the potency of the herb. This is a great way to extend the shelf life of an herb. When prepared correctly, the concentrated dosage of the herb can be derived from the medicated ghee. The process of making medicated ghee is lengthy and all the steps need to be watched closely. Medicated Ghee or Herbal Ghee not only optimizes nutrient absorption it also completes nutrient delivery in all the Dhatu’s or bodily tissues. Thus the factor of normal fatty essence in the ghee gets reduced due to the medicated herb and there remains no harm in taking in this modified herbal ghee.

 Medicated ghee or herbal ghee is most beneficial for Vata dosha (as oil/fats are most beneficial for Vata) however it is also good for Pitta for its cooling effect. Medicated Ghee made with bitter herbs is useful for Kapha Dosha. It depends on the person and their condition as to decide which herb blend is required.

(Mostly just a 3 day Process)

By now, You will have been mostly Oleated internally (balanced all vitiated Doshas). The Doctor will now give a special diet and oil blend suitable for your body type for topical application (needs to be applied on the delivery point or whole body depending on the requirement. Eg: Just a oil soaked cotton ball on the navel overnight might suffice for some) to rejuvenate oneself and promote the balance of the Patient’s Dosha’s.

Key Benefits

Oils are one of the best herbal active component carriers and have been used in Ayurveda for the very same reason. Internal consumption and Topical application acts in different ways and to complete the internal consumption process that was initiated on WEEK 2, and equivalent oil blend need to be administered topically to reap full Benefits of the process.

To complete the detox process, our doctor will recommend a Body flush which can be achieved by Vomiting or Purgation. This will take about 2 days. So devote your weekend to this final process.
Key Benefits from the Program by Week 4
Your body is now free of toxins and waste materials
Your Dosha would be balanced
Your metabolism is higher than before and you feel younger
You’re now stronger, sharper and have better memory.
Your skin glows, you feel more energetic, you’re getting back in shape too (if you were fat)
All your hormonal imbalances would be rectified
All minor diseases you were suffering from would have been cleared and your future high-risk diseases now fall under low risk.
Your body is now ready to accept the new regimens in lifestyle like if you are unwell, we can start off with medicines and they will be better assimilated by the body and so on.

NOTE : The process will involve other steps in severe cases and cannot be taken up by us remotely. We will refund you if we are unable to handle your case. Eg. Liver Cirrhosis, Cancers etc

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Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

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HOW it works ? What's included ?

STEP 1 : Our Doctor Communicates with you via Telephone/ Video Call/Chat and Does the Evaluation and Diagnosis

STEP 2 : Payment is Cleared & The medicines are Dispatched as per doctor’s prescription.

STEP 3 : A Doctor patient feedback loop is established and prescriptions/ medications are modified as required.

Note: All requirements (Including medications) for the course will be fulfilled by us and is included in the course fee. No extra charges are applicable for the 4 week process.

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