What is the measure of a man?

Is it normal for one to bend or lean towards the left or right?

Our E-book has all the questions you might have about your penis and ease or prevent any paranoia. It is well researched, contains material from a diverse set of studies for the length and width in both the flaccid and erect states. This book will also help bust all the myths that surround penile sizes.

All our books are authored by our team of content specialists and doctors.

This E-Book has 115 pages of well researched content that includes

1) Busting the myths that surround penis sizes

2) Keeping you informed about what is normal and when you should be cautious.

3)Defining penile sizes including a micropenis when flaccid or erect.

4)Includes a survey of a woman’s preference for the size of a penis.

5)This book is based on statistics and data collected from all around the globe.

6)Factors that contribute to penis size anxiety and solutions for the same

7)What is considered as small, average, large when it comes to penis size?

8)Regional size differences across the globe with respect to the penis and vagina

9)Relationship between penis size and performance in bed

10)Length vs Girth. How to improve naturally 

11)Tips and tricks from Ayurahar

Customer Feedback

Anonymous, 28
Bangalore, India
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A comprehensive guide on the johnson. I had a few lingering doubts and they've all been quashed and I'm content. I read this book with my partner and it was an interesting experience. I recommend this book to anyone who is worried and is afraid to ask the questions out loud.
Anonymous, 33
Mumbai, India
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What a well-researched book. I've to say they leave no stone unturned and give a thorough study on what I thought was a shallow topic. From penile lengths to the preference of women, this book has it all.
Anonymous, 25
Delhi, India
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This book is just proof that quality content is there for any topic under the sun if you pay the right price. An informative read that allows you to bury your trepidation's that surround the topic and answers relevant questions.

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