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The 7 Day Immunity Diet

No Supplements, No complex ingredients, No nonsense, No Starving. The 7 day immunity boosting and fat burning diet plan suitable for all !

Unique 7 day non-repetitive diet with Breakfast-Snack-Lunch-Snack-Dinner Plan.

8 Exotic, healthy, tasty and fun to cook preparations.

General guidelines for wellness and immunity.

Active fat burning without exercise or food deprivation (Add workouts for faster fat loss)

Perfect for quick recovery from any bacterial or viral ailment.

Diet that is suitable for all body types and age groups.

Meal plan can be used for detox and slimming and is suitable for long term usage.

Rs.1299    Rs.99

Quit Smoking Today ! With Ease.

This e-book helps you answer the classic question

How to Quit Smoking?
Simple techniques to help you overcome the urge to smoke. This books contains a holistic approach that suggests herbal methods to get back to a healthy lifestyle and easy habitual changes to conquer the nicotine urges.
Why is nicotine addictive?
Herbal methods to stop smoking
A time-line of how the body improves post quitting
How the habit affects the human body
Simple home remedies to reverse the oxidative effects of smoking.
Small and easy suggestions to drive away the urge from the psyche.

Rs.499    Rs.99

Premature ejaculation –
75 ways to overcome

1 in 3 men in India suffer from PE. This E-book is the natural solution and guide to your problem.

170 pages of well thought out content that includes – 

What is Premature ejaculation?

The PE self test

What are its causes?

How does it affect your physical health?

How does it affect your relationship and psychology?

75 ways to overcome the condition using.

-Dietary Modifications

-Physical exercises

-Natural Dietary Supplements

-Medical tips

-Tips and tricks to instantly increase your timing


Rs.499    Rs.299

All About Penis Size

This e-book talks about how men and women perceive penis size and sexual performance, the causes for anxiety and ways improve things naturally.

115 pages of well researched content in easy to understand graphs/ Pictures

Fun read with puns and jokes all around 

Factors that contribute to penis size anxiety

What is considered as small, average, large when it comes to penis size?

Regional size differences across the globe with respect to the penis and vagina

Relationship between penis size and performance in bed

Length vs Girth. How to improve naturally with exercises and dietary modifications

Women’s perception on penis size


Rs.499    Rs.299

Terminating Pregnancy

Thinking about terminating unwanted Pregnancy? This guide helps you to make a well-informed decision

What is abortion?

What are your choices?

What tests you need to take?

How hoes an abortion work?

What were the primitive methods used for abortion and the risks associated with them?

What are the chances of failure?

If it fails, what next?


Rs.499    Rs.99

Exercises for tight breasts and beautiful arms

This guide includes exercises for women to tone their arms and tighten and lift their breasts.

Exercises to tone arms

Exercises to tighten breasts

Illustrations for all exercises

Ground workout-Equipment free

Can be easily done at home

Rs.499    Rs.99

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