Ayurveda explains that The 7 Dhatus or tissues are the building blocks of the human body. The proper functioning and care of these dhatus is essential for a healthy human.

The seven dhatus are:

Rasa – Nutritious part of food that reaches blood from the gut.

Rakta – Blood tissue

Mamsa – Muscle tissue

Meda – Fat tissue

Asthi – Bone

Majja – Bone marrow

Shukra – Reproductive system

The vital essence of these dhatus is a liquid that is known as OJAS.


The life force energy of the body that is responsible for energy, strength, immunity, libido, and vitality. Ojas is what distinguishes us living beings. A dead person doesn’t not possess any ojas.

Ojas is considered the essence of all tissues or dhatus, and hence referred to as the Mahadhatu.

Thus, in the times of a pandemic, when people are worried about their immunity, it is crucial to understand that the ojas is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR IMMUNITY.

Ojas is produced only when all dhatus are healthy and functional. It cannot be seen or compared to any elements in the body.

Why is it important to have a good Ojas?
Ojas is also associated with the mind. A strong mind is also essential for overcoming diseases. At the spiritual level, Ojas is that energy that helps one understand the absolute truth.

A major function of Ojas is to maintain the 7 vital tissues, the 3 main forms of elimination (urine, feces, sweat), and the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). If we are able to maintain healthy Ojas in our system, then we are able to keep balance in all of these areas, keeping the energies flowing freely, avoiding stagnation in the channels, minimizing degeneration, and preventing disease.

Ojas is the subtle essence that is responsible for life, radiant health, strong immunity, vigor, longevity and overall well being of an individual. It is extracted from the proper digestion and efficient metabolism of food nourishes the bodily tissues of blood, plasma and lymph, muscle, fat, bones, bone marrow, semen and ojas. Ojas also forms the basic material of the five sense organs, ligaments and lubricating fluids.

Thus a diseased person or someone who is malnourished would have low ojas and a person with optimum Ojas in their body is deemed healthy.

It is possible to enhance Ojas through nutritious food and proper Ayurvedic supplements.

Ensure that the following is added to your diet for ojas replenishment:

Ghee, Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Pumpkin seeds, Fruits, Quinoa, Avocado, Oats and Tofu.

Herbs such as Tulsi and Giloy usually add to the ojas with their medicinal properties and that is why a capsule of either of those is recommended for enhancing immunity.

Indicators of Strong Ojas:

1)Strong complexion

2)Happy and cheerful

3)Feel rested upon waking

4)Strong fertility

Causes of low ojas:
Ojas comes from the food we eat and what we perceive. It is of primary importance to choose and eat nutritious food and not focus on the taste alone.

Negative emotions can deplete the ojas. Anger, greed, attachment will deplete the ojas.

Here are the other few reasons for depletion of this life force:

1) Physical or emotional trauma

2)Poor sleep habits


4)Excessive travel

Common signs of low Ojas:

1)Chronic disease

2)Drop in energy levels

3)Aches and pains


5)Poor complexion

6)excessive weight gain/loss

The fluid of vitality itself is divided into two types: Para Ojas and Apara Ojas.
Para ojas is said to be located in the heart. It controls the mind and its loss leads to death. Apara ojas nourishes all the dhatus and it is located all over the body.

In conclusion, our diet, exercise and sleeping habits is to ensure that the vital force is replenished for a healthy life.

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