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HANU - Support For Stress, Anxiety, Immunity boosters, Muscle Gain - Nitric Oxide & Testosterone Boost - 6 x Concentrated Ashwagandha powder


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  • Made using traditional Ayurvedic process
  • Reduced with Milk, not alcohol
  • Weekly wellness feedback calls.


  • 6x Milk Reduced Ashwagandha: This traditional Herb extraction and preservation process in repeated 6 times for maximum potency, resulting in a very potent full spectrum extract that’s easily absorbed by the body.
  • Anxiety and Stress: Hanu helps control stress by reducing the level of Stress hormone Cortisol by 30%. It helps produce calmness, increased focus, and mental well-being.
  • Vitality: Helps improve vitality in males by modulating the stress response and by helping improve testosterone levels by upto 15%
  • Muscle Strength & Recovery: Improves muscle strength by increasing hormone levels in the body. It is helpful in faster recovery during exercise and physical activity.
  • Cognition: Improves cognitive function by facilitating choline production in the body. It also enhances the attention by decreasing the over-firing of neurons and increase the ability of the body to ignore distracting stimuli.



Usage Details

Our one Capsule Contains 100% Pure Ashwagandha root extract reduced in milk for enhanced absorption and weighs 500 mg

Standard Dosage: – 1 tablet, after Dinner. For optimum results to be taken for 4 weeks at least.

Who should avoid (This will be discussed by our doctor before we ship the product to you)

  • Pregnant and Lactating woman
  • HANU. Might cure Diabetes. So those on Insulin are advised to maintain caution


  1. Arnav Sharma

    My hair fall has completely stopped since I started applying Hanu along with oil. None of the other products that I tried earlier came close to achieving this.

  2. Aaryan Kadam

    As a smoker who is trying to get into gyming, Hanu is a boon. The pill has brought down my cough and helped boost my performance in workouts.

  3. Abhinav Sengupta

    Hanu is a must have for all middle-aged people who struggle with High blood pressure and muscle soreness. I’m 45 and I can see the benefits after just few weeks of use.

  4. Hemant Rangarajan

    Ashwagandha is a clinically proven anti-depressant that improves cognitive ability and facilitates fat burn. With hanu, Ayurahar has an amazing product that has paid dividends for me after few weeks of use.

  5. Muhammad Malik

    While Hanu does help in coping with stress, the major surprise for me was how it helped with my hair growth. Hair fall has completely stopped for me within just weeks of applying Hanu along with oil.

  6. Shreyas Saxena

    Hanu is the best product to regulate sleep and eliminate lethargy. Ive seen an improvement in my energy levels within just 5 weeks of use.

  7. Surabhi Jhadav

    I was stressed out and tired after taking up a new job in a new city. Hanu helped alleviate the stress and also gain focus at work.

  8. Ayaan M

    I ordered Hanu for my mom who was struggling with memory issues and was also complaining about joint pains. In 20 days of using Hanu, there has been a significant improvement. She has resumed going for morning walks is even challenging herself to climb stairs once a day. I’m glad that i discovered Hanu.

  9. Bijoy Ben

    Hanu is the best product to regulate sleep and eliminate lethargy. Ive seen an improvement in my energy levels within just 5 days of use.

  10. Rishika Patel

    Hanu is a great supplement for all fitness enthusiasts. I’ve been working out for many years and I can see better recovery ever since I started using Hanu. It has also influenced my sleep cycle in a positive way.

  11. Mahesh

    Excellent product

  12. Cheshta Mukopadhyay

    I was feeling stressed before my public service exams and when a cousin suggested Hanu, I was skeptical. However, I gave it a shot and I could see that I was able to handle the stress way better, my sleep became more regulated and my preparation for the exams has improved.

  13. Siddharth Hesse

    During lockdown, I’ve been trying to use my time and work out at least twice a day. I needed a supplement to build muscle and thanks you Ayurahar’s prompt delivery and terrific Hanu, I’ve made significant strides. Great supplement for anyone looking for something natural,

  14. Hemant Patel

    I started gyming and needed a supplement. A friend suggested Ashwagandha and I chanced upon Hanu. I can see an improvement already, after three weeks of use. My muscles seem toned and i feel fresh. Hanu works and I will strongly recommend it for everyone.

  15. Nirmal Pattnaik

    Bought this product a few months back along with panchjanya for my grandfather who had a major back complaint and often fell sick. Once he started taking Hanu and panchjanya, I could see an improvement and his energy levels has gone up.He doesn’t complain about back pains as much as he used to.

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