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What You Receive :

PINAKA (30 caps of 300 mg Rama,Krishna & Vana Tulsi Extract) + VAJRA (30 caps of 500mg Giloy Extract) + PANCHJANYA (30 caps of 500mg Turmeric+Pepper extract ie Curcumin+Piperine (9.5:0.5))

  • Pack of  30+30+30= 90 capsules – for 30 days
  • Complimentary consultation from our Doctor
  • Weekly wellness feedback calls.


Our one Capsule of PINAKA Contains 100% Natural Rama,Krishna and Vana Tulsi extract and weighs 300 mg each.

Our one Tablet of  VAJRA Contains 100% Natural Giloy extract (200mg stem extract and 300mg stem) and weighs 500 mg each.

Our one Capsule of PANCHJANYA Contains 100% Natural Turmeric extract (Curcumin) and Pepper extract (Piperine) ( 9.5:0.5) extract and weighs 500 mg each.


Usage Details

Standard Dosage: – 1 unit of each (3 in total) , with/after Dinner.

Indications : Bronchitis, asthma or dyspnea, hiccups, cough, skin and haematological diseases, parasitic infections, neuralgia, headache, wounds, and inflammation, oral conditions, earache, gastric and hepatic disorders rheumatism, and pyrexia, adaptogen, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, immunomodulatory, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, immunity and neurocognition, Viral diseases, Viral load reduction, Bacterial Infections, Gum health, General wellness etc



  1. Sunita Nair

    I used to suffer from arthirits and this led to severe joint pain from time to time. On occasions, I couldn’t move. Ever since, I started taking Immunity+++, my pain has eased and my mobility has improved. Thank you Ayurahar.

  2. Imtiaz M

    My job involves a lot of travel and that means I eat out . This led to a lot of indigestion problems and I would fall sick easily. My wife found this supplement online and it has helped greatly. I can travel and eat out without any trepidation, knowing that my body has a new shield.

  3. Amita Rao

    For a person who had a proclivity to fall sick often, Immunity+++ was the perfect fix. I feel stronger and healthier, two weeks into using this amazing product.

  4. Guru Singh

    The corona scare was getting on my nerves and scaring the **** out of me. This Gave me some peace and makes me feel better and energetic too. Good product. Took a while to deliver but was worth the wait

  5. Vijay Sachdev

    Best Product and Need of the Hour. Dont think twice. Just buy it.

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