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Our one Capsule Contains 100% Natural Extracts of

Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum Tenuiflorum) -100mg

Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)            -100mg

Vana Tulsi ( Ocimum gratissimum)     -100mg

extracts and weighs 300 mg each.


Usage Details

Standard Dosage: – 1 tablet, with/after Dinner.

Indications : Bronchitis, epilepsy, asthma or dyspnea, hiccups, cough, skin and haematological diseases, parasitic infections, neuralgia, headache, wounds, and inflammation, oral conditions, earache, gastric and hepatic disorders rheumatism, and pyrexia, adaptogen, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, immunomodulatory, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, immunity and neurocognition


9 reviews for PINAKA – COLD & FLU

  1. Yang Zimmik

    This is my one stop solution for everything. From stress to mild fever and cold, Pinaka is our first medicine. In most cases, Pinaka has saves us a doctor’s visit.

  2. Debjit Maity

    My work involves a lot of travel and eating out doesn’t help my diabetes. However, with Pinaka, i’m able to deal with the stress of constant travel and it helps keep my sugar levels in check. Ayurahar has tapped into the goodness of tulsi and really produced a superb supplement.

  3. Achyuth

    I was struggling to cope with stress in office and it started affecting my life badly. I wasnt able to spend time with my family and my performance started dipping at work as well. This Tulsi supplement has helped me relax and I’ve more clarity of thought. I feel that it is a destresser and detoxing pill as I feel fresher each day. Definitely recommend this for anybody buckling to stress.

  4. Amal M

    I’ve been suffering from acute bronchitis and this supplement
    has eased my suffering quite a bit. Big up Pinaka, it is a great

  5. Ashwini Surender

    Pinaka has made me feel fresher and stronger within a week since I started taking this supplement. I used to feel tired after a day’s work and would heavily rely on caffine to get through my work-day. Not only has my caffine intake reduced drastically, I feel more alert and active ever since I started Pinaka. What more, even others have noticed the spring in my step. Thanks Pinaka.

  6. Lakshmi U

    I’ve heard that Tulsi helps us as a stress reliever and as a capsule, it is the perfect form and one doesn’t have to bother drinking sour tea. The effects are immediate and I feel younger than ever before.

  7. Joseph Tharakan

    A friend recommended them to me and while I’ve had Tulsi supplements before, it was Ayurahar’s customer support and perfect pricing for the premium product that swayed me. Really impressed with Pinaka.

  8. Sethu Lakshmi

    The medicine was always in our backyard and I needed Ayurahar to package it right. One capsule a day is all I required to put my body at ease. I used to feel super tired towards the afternoon but now my energy levels remain high throughout the day and this is certainly due to Pinaka.

  9. Mitaali N

    The best supplement I’ve had in years. The effects are immediate and smashing. I feel more relaxed and as someone who was previously prone to catching a flu or a cold, I can see a discernible improvement in my body resistance.

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