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30 Veg Capsules – 1 Month Supply

DOSAGE : 1 capsule daily with dinner


Psoriasis, Acne Control, Scleroderma, Reduces dark circles, Remedy for Alopecia, Calms eczema and rosacea, Protect against sun damage & aging, Skin Cancer, Atopic dermatitis (eczema), Facial photoaging, Oral lichen planus, Pruritus, Radiodermatitis, Reduce appearance of stretch marks, Cures Tumors of skin, colon, duodenum, pancreas, breast cancers.

Additional Benefits: Helps improve cognition, helps you study better, reverse harmful effects of environmental pollution, reverse harmful effects of nicotine, keep you disease free longer by strengthening your immune system, cure diabetes, cure cancers and more …

Every 500mg capsule of SONA. contains

1. 10000+mg worth of Turmeric Powder in the form of Curcumin.

2. Piperine – active ingredient in pepper which enhances Curcumin’s Bio availability by over 2000%

This is what makes SONA. so special and effective.


  • Turmeric is natural and considered non-toxic and safe when taken at recommended doses.
  • Taking large amounts of turmeric for extended periods can cause stomach upset, and possibly
  • If you have gallstones or obstruction to your bile passages you should not supplement with turmeric.
  • Turmeric may lower blood sugar levels which could be a problem for diabetics.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not supplement with turmeric.
  • As turmeric can act as a blood thinner, stop supplementing with turmeric 2 weeks before
    surgery. Turmeric can also strengthen the effects of blood thinning medications.

24 reviews for SONA. – SKIN & WELLNESS

  1. Nirupama Nambiar

    Sona has completely cured me of itchy skin and redness after just two months of use.

  2. Deepali Bhadvankar

    No skin creams or supplements really worked on my skin that was riddled with pimples. A month after i started using Sona, my skin slowly cleared up and now sports a glow.

  3. Shyamala P

    Ayurahar’s Sona is the best product out there for preventing acne as it contains turmeric which arrests the bacteria from spreading. My skin is glowing within a month of using Sona and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Sunitha Niranjan

    Sona shows that old-school medicine is the best medicine. A deeply researched product that delivers on every promise. A really great supplement for the skin.

  5. Akanksha N

    Working on the computer for long hours resulted in dark circles. Just when I thought it would remain a permanent feature , I tried Sona and it has proved me wrong. Within a couple of weeks of using the pill,my skin began to lighten. The dark circles are slowly but surely disappearing and I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Shweta Joseph

    I’ve been struggling with psoriasis for over two years and just when I thought there was no escape from this unrelenting condition, a friend suggested Sona. The pill which is packed with anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric provided relief from the symptoms and helped greatly in keeping the condition under control.

  7. Tiara Kristein

    By using Sona as recommended (making a paste along with olive oil and lemon), my strech marks have almost disappeared which has done my confidence a world of good. Excellent product.

  8. Payal Sharma

    True its name, a gold standard pill that rejuvenates the skin. I had rashes all over my hands and no skin cream could help me get rid of it. However, after two months of taking Sona as per dosaage, my skin has been relieved of such ailments.

  9. Amisha Yadav

    Sona is an important supplement to have to protect your skin. It does all that it claims and much more.

  10. Malini Desai

    The eczema on my foot has long caused suffering as I’ve struggled to walk ever since its onset a few months ago. Once i started using Sona, the relief has been instant. The redness and the itching has reduced as well.

  11. Sarojini Chtterjee

    I’m in my 57 years old and I was suffering from severe hairloss. After trying several methods, just when i was resigned to having a bald spot, I came across this wonderful product. Sona worked wonders and prevented hairfall in just a month.

  12. Samira

    I struggled with various skin allergies and while the allergies have subsided,
    the marks remained on the skin for quite a while. However, since using Sona, the skin is clearing up nicely and has provided a major confidence boost.

  13. Monica Simon

    I owe my clear skin and glow to Sona. The pill prevents pimples and acne and protects from the sun.

  14. Vikram Saxena

    I have extreme hairloss due to dandruff. Tried multiple medicated shampoos which even caused premature graying. Usage of SONA for two weeks has massively improved my dandruff issues. Im really glad i stumbled across SONA.

  15. Siddhesh Lad

    SONA worked very well and the dry skin I suffered at the sole of my feet has eased with 14 days of use. Periodically I would struggle to walk due to my condition but with regular use of SONA, the condition has been kept in check

  16. Ardhra R

    Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties ease the pain caused by skin lesions. No side effects and completely natural. Sona is lit.

  17. Bindu Suresh

    Skin care in this day and age is top priority given the environmental pollution that one is subjected to. I’ve been recommending Sona to all my friends because it definitely works. My skin is clear as ever and this magic pill has played big part in restoring the glow.

  18. Sindhiya Sethu

    Try Sona externally with a mix of olive oil to say goodbye to Acne. It’s amazing how effective a pill Sona is, without side-effects as well.

  19. Savitha Suresh

    Ever since I started working from home, my working hours are stretched and extend well into the night. This resulted in lack of sleep and soon I had dark circles. My friend suggested SONA, and it has worked very well. I can see the colour returning to my face and the dark circles disappearing. Great product.

  20. Guru Desikh

    The customer support team was very helpful and their delivery is prompt. Like others have mentioned the product is exactly the kind of skin supplement we need in a tropical country like India.

  21. Sindhiya Seth

    Ever since my pregnancy, I’ve not been able to get rid of my stretch marks. After running through a list of remedies with little effect, I finally found a solution in Sona. After consulting with a doctor, I started using this capsule and the results were immediate. I hardly have those stretch marks anymore.

  22. Sharanya Ruth

    Sona helps me maintain my skin and thus making me look young.

  23. Sridevi Nair

    My oily face that was prone to pimples has all cleared up thanks to this pill Sona. 100%, I’ll recommend it to my friends.

  24. Sita N

    Backed by an intense research team, Sona is definitely a product I would recommend for curing any skin related conditions or aberrations.

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