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DOSAGE : 1 Capsule per day. (Anytime. For best effects consume in empty stomach)


1000mg – 30 Softgel Capsules – 1 Month Supply
Complimentary consultation from our Doctor ( Mail us your query)
Weekly wellness feedback calls
STOPLOSS. capsules contain 100% pure and organic cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.
STOPLOSS (PSO) is a natural 5- alpha reductase inhibitor
5-alpha reductase converts Testosterone to DHT which causes male pattern baldness.
STOPLOSS. promotes a vasodilatory response by regulating nitric oxide, which is equivalent to calcium channel blockers
Topical application of STOPLOSS. can promote rapid hair growth



Full Of Valuable Nutrients
High in Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory and cures arthritis
Linked to a Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers
Improves Prostate and Bladder Health
Very High in Magnesium
Improves Heart Health
Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
Improves Sperm Quality
Help Improve Sleep


  1. Manik

    For those who can’t afford expensive hair transplants and sophisticated hair treatments, Stoploss is an affordable ayurvedic cure for hair loss that really works. There are no side effects and the improvement is there to see for everyone withing a month of use.

  2. Abhijeet

    My hair density has definitely improved with the topical application of Stop loss. The product definitely delivers on its promises.

  3. Aditya R

    I Had been counting my hair fall for quite a few months and was almost resigned to the fact that I would wake up bald one day. However, I discovered STOPLOSS at the right time and it has worked miracles. It has completely arrested hair fall and my hair is certainly stronger.

  4. Sumana Dhar

    [Review translated from hindi] Age:31
    I’m a housewife and have been making my own hair oils. But recently i decided to try other oils too as they have benefits too. I tried Onion oil and it didnt work as expected and smelled very bad. Next i decided to try Pumpkin seed oil. Saw an ad for the product and thought of buying Stoploss. Benefits for me – Faster hair growth, Thicker hair, Lesser hairfall and pleasant smelling body. I now recommend this product to everyone and at times mix it with my home made oils too.

  5. Abhishek

    Having tried every shampoo and oil brand on the shelf, I can safetly say my search has ended with Stoploss. I’ve felt the goodness of pumpkin seeds on my scalp and it shows.

  6. Abhishek

    I am 32 years old. I was considering Minoxidil+Finasteride but was confused due to the associated side effects. That’s when i found STOPLOSS. Was not convinced by their claims but considering the price difference, thought of giving it a try. And Yes it worked. my hairline changed in just 2 months. I take one capsule regularly and pop one capsule and apply it on my scalp twice a week. Really happy with the results.

  7. Ramesh Krishnan

    I did my hair transplant in 2016 and since then have been using Minoxidil 5% Topical. I have been facing multiple allergic reactions too but didnt have a way out if i wanted the New hair follicles to stay. Recently i heard about PSO and its benefits. Did some research and zeroed down to this one by Ayurahar. Been using for 5 months as of Feb 9 th 2020. I’m really happy with the results. No more allergies and my hair is intact too.

  8. Karan Gowda

    While consuming it, has helped me gain uninterrupted sleep, Stoploss really is a game changer for a man like me who was destined to be bald. After topical application of Stop loss along with hairoil, the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I have a hair line now. Seemed impossible a few months back.

  9. Riya

    Tressless and stressful is the condition of many middle-aged women. Stop Loss is the solution I was looking for. I can see differences in my sleep patterns and the health of my hair has definitely improved.

  10. Sharat

    I was one week away from hair transplant before i saw the stoploss ad. I was set up for 2000 grafts and called ayurahar to know if i stood a chance to escape from my hair transplant. They said give it a shot as i have nothing to loose. So i gave it a shot. I started multivitamins and stoploss simultaneously as suggested by those at ayurahar. I instantly saw reduction in hair loss with a week and by the end of the first month, my hair felt thicker. I regret not taking any before and after close up pics for comparison. As of now its been 7 months of stoploss and ive calculated my hairfall reduction + new hair follicles to be equivalent to 2000+ grafts in 7 months. I recommend everyone this product. I regained my thick hair naturally.

  11. Abhiram

    I’m 27 years old and have been suffering from hairloss for about 10 years now. Tried everything from Minoxidil to finasteride to Androanagen Solution. It all works but only as long as i use them and the rebound is too bad. Finally i came across Stoploss. Gave it a shot as the product research was impressive and the customer support was terrific. As of today i have been using the product for just 2 months. I quit all other medications 2 days after starting stoploss as i wanted to compare its effects. My daily hairfall has come down from 40+ a day to just 10-15 a day and my hair volume has begun to increase. I recommended this product to my 58 year old mother and she’s seeing faster hair growth too. Really impressed and happy with the product . 10/10 from me.

  12. Zamir H

    StopLoss is absolutely the most powerful weapon I have against hairloss BY FAR. And it doesn’t costs a bomb like most other products in the market. Seriously, my hair is looking so fine right now, way more dense, shiny, darker, healthier. Its slowly becoming the beautiful hair that I used to have when I was a teenager. Its crazy!!

  13. Preethi Srinath

    If you are losing hair by the handful try this product. I was worried at first spending the money on this stuff but now that it’s proven effective, no regrets at all. Put it on my scalp for about a month or so and I started seeing changes after two weeks. My hair feels fuller and looks much healthier.

  14. Prem Kumar

    Nothing is permanent other than change. I lost hair and now I’ve it again thanks to Stoploss. Delivers on its promise. Great service and prompt delivery.

  15. Vikram Vishal

    Balding is there in my genes and I was resigned to losing most of my hair early. However, with stop loss I’ve renewed hope that it may not be the case as my bald spots slowly started disappearing. That too within three weeks of use. Pumpkin seeds are legit and so is Ayurveda.

  16. Nital Shah

    Hairloss has been a persistent problem ever since I hit my thirties, After trying a wide variety of oils and home remedies, I’ve finally found an affordable solution that works in Stop Loss. Not only has the hair loss been arrested but I think the lustre of my locks have returned after three weeks of use.

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