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TRIPHALA 4x 2:1:1


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  • Pack of 30 capsules – for 30 days
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Our one Capsule Contains 100% Natural Extracts of

Scientific Name (Sanskrit Name) / Contents Per Capsule / Equivalent volume per capsule

Emblica officinalis (amalaki)————250mg———–1000mg

Terminalia bellerica (bibhitaki)———075mg————300mg

Terminalia chebula ( Haritaki)———-075mg————300mg

Each capsule weighs 500 mg each.


Usage Details

Standard Dosage: – 1 Capsule 30 mins before sleep.



8 reviews for TRIPHALA 4x 2:1:1

  1. Kushal Singh

    Look no further if you’re looking for a natural supplement for your stomach upkeep. In the capsule form with the certification the company boasts, there is very little chance of adulteration and it is super effective for gastric problems.

  2. Triloknath

    I was disappointed with the quality of the triphala powder in the market. Either they taste funny or the texture is off. I came across Ayurahar’s capsule form. It is excellent and exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Susheel

    Excellent for digestion, and other allergies. While the Triphala powder sold in the market is very bitter, in Ayuahar’s capsule it is easier to consume.

  4. Vaishwath Shankar

    There is a reason why ancient Indian medicine is sought after. It was so effective that it cured me of my condition and I think my digestion has improved ever since I started taking this magic mix in empty stomach every morning. This is a necessary addition to the medicine cabinet of every healthy household.

  5. Shruti Menon

    Perfect medicine. My grandmother used to carry Triphala with her all the time. This capsule is old wine in new bottle but good nevertheless.

  6. Meghna

    Absolutely what the doctor ordered as far as my acidity is concerned. Very good medicine.

  7. Gopal Das

    Ever since I quit smoking with the help of SMOKE SHIELD from Ayurahar itself, I’ve been facing an acute constipation problem. Absolutely sure that I didn’t want to use that as an excuse to take up a habit I had struggled to let go, I was on the look out for a natural medicine. After reading up, I tried to give this world acclaimed Triphala a go.

  8. Sandeep

    As a kid, everytime I had a stomach ache, I was given Triphala. As an adolescent, I was again advised to take Triphala for pimples on my face. Now as an adult, I make sure Triphala is still available as it always useful to have as everyday medicine. In the tablet form it is convenient as well.

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