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ViroNil – Giloy Stem Juice extract with Black Jeera & 10 other Herbs-Immunity Booster, for Viral Fevers, Cough and Cold


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  • Pack of 30/60 veg capsules – for 30/60 days
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  • One capsule contains 2500 mg of Giloy and 11 other herbs concentrated 5 times in a 500 mg capsule.

Usage Details

Standard Dosage: – 1 capsule daily before breakfast

Indications : Immunity Booster, Anti Cold and Cough, Anti-inflammatory, Rich in Antioxidants, Anti Bacterial and Anti Viral, Improves Lung Health, Reduces Asthma symptoms


ViroNil is goodness of Traditional ayurveda in a capsule. It contains 12 herbs concentrated in 5:1 ratio in a capsule. Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages and is the primary ingredient.

The components ofd ViroNil has also been praised and approved by the ministry of AYUSH for its effectiveness. This 12 herb combination can treat most of your health problems. It’s immunity boosting properties help the body fight against almost all viral and bacterial infections.

As airborne diseases are the most common concern today, usage of ViroNil is recommended to all. It is the best preventive natural medication one can consume on a regular basis without worrying about any side effects.

Composition of ViroNil is as follows. Weight per capsule = 500mg


Tinospora cordifolia | Amrita/Giloy | 1.3 g
Ipomoea digitata | Payasvini | 50mg
Pueraria tuberosa | Ksheeravidari | 50 mg
Alpinia galanga | Kulanjana | 75 mg
Cyclea peltata | Patathali | 75 mg
Cyperus rotundus | Bhadramusta | 225 mg
Nigella sativa | Kala Jeera | 125 mg
Boerhavia diffusa | Punarnava | 100 mg
Ricinus communis | Erandam | 175 mg
Cedrus deodara | Devadaru | 75 mg
Kaempferia galanga | Kachurah | 50 mg
Chlorophytum borivilianum | Musali | 200 mg


  1. Rana Sarita

    Vironil has helped me with the overall wellness. Great product. I think my digestion has improved because of it as well.

  2. Tarun Soni

    I have read a lot about India’s very own amrut or giloy. A herb that purifies your blood, removes toxins and fights disease-causing pathogens. Ayurahar packs all the goodness of Giloy in easy to consume pills. Nice packaging and good quality.

  3. Neelam Mayank

    It is a good choice. The capsules are very effective and is much needed in a household that has elders who are prone to viral infections.

  4. Sanchit Jain

    Standard Ayurvedic medicine. There are no fears of side effects and so it is great for adults of all ages. Has an immediate effect on fevers and brings down the body temperature. Effective against cold as well.

  5. Sweta Lala

    My husband and I both consume this daily and it has proved really helpful in combating our cold cough problems and frequent fevers!

  6. Arunava Biswas

    Natural is the way to go. Giloy is very popular and for me it was about choosing the right brand. Ayurahar’s packaging and delivery is on point as is the quality of the product.

  7. Riyaa Chipdey

    Great value for money. A great health supplement.

  8. Mohandas Chilka

    I really like this brand. Their skin supplement worked wonders for me and so when they introduced this immune booster I decided to give a shot. Got to say that it is excellent for over all health. I feel fresher and haven’t had cold for months. Great stuff.

  9. Ria Singha

    This is the product I rely on to prevent fevers and common colds due to change in weather. I feel Giloy is such an underratted herb and this supplement works wonders.

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