STOP before you light another one. World NO-Tobacco Day, 2020

Remember the time you thought yeah let’s see if we can look cool puffing at a cigarette? How it slowly turned to smoking to cope with stress and trying to relax and then soon enough an after meal snack or a muse  stick.

 It is one of the strangest and strongest addictions to exist in the world. Nicotine’ s death grip is extremely difficult to escape and needs serious mental resolve for one to shake it off. That is why the number of smokers in the world is a staggering 1.3 billion.

With the advent of a disease that directly affects the respiratory system in COVID-19, it is imperative for smokers to take responsibility. Not only does their stinking habit have an adverse effect on themselves but on their loved ones and neighbours too.

Some of the health hazards of this such as cardiac arrests and lung damage are well known  but research suggests that smoking affects hormone production, which can make it more difficult for women smokers to become pregnant. 

Studies have also shown that men who smoke cigarettes risk decreasing their fertility. In comparison to non-smokers, men who smoke tend to have a lower sperm count, density, motility, semen volume and fertilizing capacity. Smoking is also a cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. Smoking increases chances of male infertility by 30%. 

Adopt the STOP Method to try and shake off this vile habit.

S– Set a quit date, at least a couple of weeks from today and gradually reduce. Use the lock down to your advantage and don’t get out unless absolutely necessary.

T – Terminate all the triggers. Try avoiding coffee, tea and alcohol. Throw away your ash trays and ensure your clothes and car don’t carry that lingering smoke smell.

O – Obstain from social smoking. Have a diary where you record your performance and consistency in trying to quit. 

P – Preach what you practice. Go public with your decision to quit so that your family and friends can lend their support and encouragement. A quit buddy who wants to stop smoking would help as well.

Ayurveda too offers a number of solutions to help you quit for good. Here are some of the most effective methods:

1) Drink water from a copper vessel. 

2) Perform the Neti Kriya – inhaling saline water through one nostril and releasing it through the other and then reversing the procedure.

3) Practise Pranayama. This would improve your lung capacity and also reduce stress.

4) Use curcumin and piperine infused supplements everyday to eliminate the deposited nicotine tar in your system.

5) Consumption of a measured mixture of ashwagandha, bala, shatavari and ginseng can also help in detoxification.

Changes in diet that can help you with quitting:

1)Decrease intake of fatty foods.

2)Chewing cinnamon sticks will curb your urge to smoke.

3)Try low-calorie snacks like carrots, apples or celery.

4) Try a vegetarian diet because it increases the Sattvik quality of your mind. Every fresh food item contains prana or life which rejuvenates both your body and mind.

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