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Cigarette smoking is not bad. It's just plain stupid !

*Using a perfect blend of Psychology, Holistic Healing, Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupressure


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  • Regain your health and wealth within 6 weeks.
  • Join our like-minded community who are all equally determined to quit smoking just like you.
  • We will guide you with daily follow ups and activities that won’t take more than 5 minutes per day. Just the time you dedicate to a cigarette.
  • 6 Sessions With our de-addiction experts- (45 mins – 1 hour each – 1 per week)
  • A perfect blend of Psychology, Holistic Healing, Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese herbal Medicine and Acupressure
  • Every methodology is effective by itself to quit your addiction. In combination its your easiest way to quit.
  • Start living the active life of a non-smoker and transform yourself in 4 Weeks. Starting today.
  • 100% Privacy – We do not take or ask your personal details. You’re free to register with us under any name you choose if you desire so.
  • Honesty
  • An Open Mind (Questions are most welcome)
  • Willingness to listen, learn and implement the techniques and strategies
  • A Smartphone or laptop with a stable internet connection


Note: Sessions will be mailed across periodically

  • This course will show you how to stop smoking right now! Easily and quickly without ever longing for a cigarette again.
  • The techniques and the strategies are extremely simple and easy to follow.
  • You will succeed if you follow them.
  • You need not even understand why and how these techniques work.
  • We’ll just teach you easy to follow steps that just works for you.
  • Towards the end we’ll explain why the course was structured this way and all the theories behind the techniques we taught you so that you can also apply these to any part of your life from career, relations, achieving goals and more.
  • Anyone who really wants break free of addictions
  • Anyone who wants to bring in a personal change/improve quality of life/ improve relationships
  • Anyone who wants to be a role model for their kids
  • Anyone who wants absolute control on their actions and cravings

Are you one of the best in our batch and self motivated ? 

If yes, this course is free for you. We will gift you your course fee at the end of this course along with our Pioneer’s Certificate and an additional cash prize.

The rest will be levied a fee of Rs.999 for the 6 week duration of this course.

(Optional: Supplements charged extra)

Duration :

1 Session per week

Weekdays or Weekends ( As per convenience)

45 – 60 mins per session

6 Weeks in Total

What to expect out of these sessions

Week 1 (After introductory session)
.Drop your cigarette intake by half without even realizing it
.Understand why you’re hooked to a cigarette and how to get out of it
.Calculate your expenses on cigarettes and find new ways to invest the savings.
.Start a detox routine that’s as simple as leaving a band-aid with an oil we recommend on yourself overnight

Get your PFT FROM A LAB (pulmonary function test) 2nd week expected to share the test result. NOTE – test cost between 450-1500/- depending on city and lab (
Advice – before the test
Avoid tight clothing – will restrict your breathing. Wear loose fitted clothes
Avoid smoking 1 hour prior to test
Don’t do any strenuous exercise before the test

Week 2
You’re already halfway to quitting. Appreciate your improved mental clarity, focus and improvement in lung capacity
Learn about the chemicals other than nicotine that you never signed up for in a cigarette and its impact on your body.
Judge your own progress
Learn a simple 5 minute breathing technique to delete cigarette cravings

Week 3
By now your cigarette consumption would have dropped to under 2 per day
Learn about replacements for your cigarettes that’s easily available at almost every cigarette shop
Bring your life under your control. Declare yourself as a Non-Smoker
Holistic healing (Chakra Cleansing)
Optional supplements to speed up your internal cleansing
Execute your savings investment plan from WEEK 1

Week 4
Join our Guided meditation session to bring out the best of yourself
Talk to people who successfully quit smoking and share your thoughts
Our final supplement recommendation for the few people who are still unable to quit

Week 5

Only group interaction and follow up on progress.
Special attention and Individual sessions for those who haven’t been able to quit yet.

Week 6
Final Feedback
Notes to take home
And we leave you all Addiction free to enjoy your new life.
Also you are free to keep in touch with all members of the group for life. Help each other to stay quit and emotionally support each other when needed.

Loneliness, lack of motivation and poor peer groups in life is the most common reason for people to get hooked to substances.

Remember. Smoking is not bad. Its just a Stupid thing to do.


return to life.


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Quitting smoking has been my constant new year resolution that worked for about 6 days each. Quitting is always easy but staying quit is the hard part. This course just focuses on staying quit. I didn't even feel a pinch when i dropped down from 40 - 22 cigs per day overnight and 3 cigs a day by week 3. Today, a month after the course ended, i find myself never craving for a cigarette unless its a party where it helps to socialize. Now i have complete control over my cravings. I smoke no more than 3 cigarettes in a month. Sadly i cant go to zero due to peer pressure. But that's okay.
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I was a frequent smoker but never considered myself additcted until i tried to quit. I was convinced that i could stop smoking overnight if i wanted to but after giving it a try, by day 3 i was breaking into cold sweats, panic attacks and tremors. Determined to quit from my 1-2 pack a day routine, i was seeking for help that could reach my doorstep as i dont have time to spare for an outdoor venture. That' when Ayurahar's de-addiction course came to my rescue. I quit smoking within 2 weeks with ease and won the prize too for being one of the first in the batch to quit entirely. Feel free to join the course. You'll be surprised on the level of ease and simplicity with which they guide you . You'll have quit smoking without even realizing it.
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I'd been looking for courses that had hypnosis to help quit addictions as its mentioned as one of the most effective methods to quit smoking and other addictions. This is how i stumbled upon this course. Depression and smoking due to depression was my issue. And i was guided well. These 6 weeks has pulled me off my depressed state and i can take care of myself well too. Thanks a lot to the guides and mentors of this course for bringing in so many complex treatment protocols seamlessly under one roof. The best treatment methodology i've seen and the best i've experienced till date. Thank you.

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Why we are different and have unprecedented results ?

Integrative and Innovative therapy that provides an overall holistic healing experience is our secret.

Our therapy includes Approaches from Psychology, Holistic Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupressure to mention the least.

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Loneliness, lack of motivation and poor peer groups in life is the most common reason for people to get hooked to substances.

Remember. Smoking is not bad. Its just a Stupid thing to do. Need help ? Talk to us NOW !

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