Triphala - The Polyherbal Medicine

The word ‘Triphala’ means three kinds of fruits in Sanskrit.

By mixing the three fruits of Amalaki (Amla), Bibhitaki (Baheda) and Haritaki (Harad), Ayurveda has developed a potent home medicine that has long been used to treat various ailments and ensure general wellness.

Indian medicine cracked the code for superfoods a while back and Triphala is an example of that.

These three traditional fruits have powerful medicinal value owing to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties.

Together, their mixture, an important and powerful Ayurvedic medicine which is suitable for adults, children, and the elderly.

This ayurvedic medicine is known for aiding digestion, supporting bowel functions, and since it is an excellent antioxidant, it strengthens the overall immune system and helps in getting rid of toxic waste from the body.

Ayurahar’s Triphala is unique as unlike most others, it is composed of Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki in a 2:1:1 ratio concentrated at 4:1 ratio. This gives you more than 8 times the benefit you get from the average Triphala available elsewhere.

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Here are some of the benefits of this amazing concoction.

Aids in Weight Loss:

Cholecystokinin is the hormone that is secreted to signal that the stomach is full. Triphala facilitates the secretion of this hormone.

The home detox:

Pollution, fast food and other factors contribute to a lot of toxins in the body which causes a lot of ailments. Thus it is of primary importance to detoxify the body.This churna helps in getting rid of all the deadly toxins and improves bodily function.

It also enhances the body’s immunity and improves circulation of the blood.

Oral Hygiene:

A mouth rinse with Triphala helps getting rid of dental issues such as gingivitis and plaque, highlighting its antimicrobial properties. It is also effective for ulcers as well.

Eye Health:

Common ailments such as Glaucoma, Conjunctivitis, Cataract can be prevented with the daily intake of triphala.

Effective in Regulating Blood Pressure:

Consuming Triphala on a regular basis is beneficial in regulating your blood pressure levels and thus keeping off various health troubles.

Cures Digestive Issues
The primary reason why Triphala is commonly used in India households is its ability to counter digestive issues, such as diarrhea. Triphala regulates the bowel movements and also takes care of digestive health by strengthening rectal muscles, relieving flatulence and keeping the stomach clean.

The benefits of this churna goes beyond the few mentioned above. Rich in Vitamin C, it promotes hair growth and controls hair fall and improves skin texture.

It is suggested to take Triphala between meals on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

Generally, recommended doses range from 500 milligram to one gram a day, though larger doses can be used to treat constipation.

Powdered versions can be mixed with warm water and honey and taken before meals.

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