Lose 10 kgs in 3 months

Super effective diet plan customized for your Ayurveda mind body type (Dosha Type) with your regular food, tweaked by 5000 years of Vedic knowledge 

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

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Mind-Body type specific routines

We take the hard work out of setting up your nutritional targets and diet routines. Our diet is customized based on your Ayurvedic Mind Body Type Balances and Imbalances.
Once we get your analysis done and have your recommended diet, we adjust it to any underlying issues you may be facing and recommend natural supplements that further aid your transformation

Muscle Fat Balance

Most individuals believe that you can only lose fat or gain muscle at a time. But under our guidance, you can burn fat while building/retaining muscle mass.

Meal Preferences

Our recipes are adapted to locally and conveniently available cuisines. We ensure that we find the most appropriate recipes for you that suit your taste buds and convenience.

Curious about your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type ?

Also get Supplement recommendations based on your Dosha Type after your Dosha Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

If you follow our diet plan along with moderately easy exercises suggested you should start seeing the results within first 2 weeks. This should further motivate you to stick to it. Typically we have seen people lose 5 kgs in the first month, 3 in the second and 2 in the third month.

We make diet plan for each individual separately based on their mind-body type and existing conditions. This happens once our doctor has detailed discussion with you. So there is absolutely no health risk associated with this plan unless you fail to mention any serious underlying condition to our doctor.

Whatever is recommended. These are moderately easy exercises with increasing levels of difficulty as you progress through our diet routine.

We do bi weekly follow ups and make sure you attain more than our minimum guaranteed weight loss in fat on time. If you are honest with yourself and us, there is no way you’ll not be able to lose the recommended weight.

Just like modern science categorizes body types as ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, Ayurveda did this classification about 5,000 years ago by the names of vata, pitta and kapha and called a person’s body type “Dosha”; with the underlying body type called “prakruti” and your modified body type called “vikruti”. 

Imbalances in any of these ayurvedic body type properties results in ailments and restoring their balance cures you. The second thing knowledge in Ayurveda aids you with is to force your body into any “vikruti” with just basic diet modification and meal timings. The right diet supplements can help speed up the process too.This is where we come in. We can help you achieve your goals with just dietary modification and optionally supplements to reach your goals faster and aid the poor quality of food all of us deal with on a day to day basis.

Our diet routines follow a 3 stage structure which is included in your one time payment. 

Stage 1 (First 3 months): Pacifying your Kapha Dosha and Aggrevating Vata Dosha after your Dosha analysis and basic health check .

Stage 2 (Next 3 months): Modifying your diet to your weight loss goal skinny/athletic/muscular 

Stage 3 (Last 3 months): Providing you with a maintenance diet. Ideally to merge ‘vikruti’ to your ‘prakruti’ or depending on your requirement to maintain a new ‘vikruti’ . Vikruti according to ayurveda is your modified body type and prakruti your basal body type. Alternately we may resume with Step 2 if you require. 

This depends on your body type and fitness goals. For example two people with the exact same goal can be given different number of meals and even asked to skip a particular meal at times (In case of extreme kapha dosha)


Sandeep Srivasta
28, Allahabad
Easy to follow Customized Routine
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Really happy with the customized routines. I could not even take a single push up on day one. And day 26, here i am easily doing 3 sets of 12 push ups each ! Also I’ve cut down 5 kg’s in 26 days.
Raghu Ram Rajan
32, Mumbai
Fixed my sleep and weight gain issues overnight !
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I’m enjoying my lag free mornings like never before on ayurahar’s modified zero stimulant diet. Gave up on my high caffeine intake. Dropped two sizes too !!!! Would recommend this team to everyone.
Priya Nair
26, Cochin
Came for Weight loss, grew my hair too !
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2 months into the diet, i can see a visible improvement in hair volume and reduction in hair fall. And all i requested for was a weight loss diet. And yes. I dropped a size too. Never been happier with a diet plan results.
Hubli, 27
Simple and easy to follow
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Easy to follow and good results. I personally recommend ayurahar weight loss plans
Bindu S
38, Chennai
Worth 10 times the price. Its a steal !
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I just gave it a try as the price was too good and there was a full refund if they couldn’t help. But things went surprisingly well. I wanted better skin and allergy management but 2 months into the diet, not only is my skin visibly healthier, my hair has also grown thicker. I request an option to add photos for reviews.
Satya Prathap
42, Vizag
Perfect balance between fat cutting and body building
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I used to be fit about 3 years ago and wanted to get back in shape. My recommended plan by fitness trainers were to cut down first and then bulk up. I was okay with this idea until i stumbled upon ayurahar. They promised me an all natural zero synthetic supplement diet to cut fat and bulk muscle simultaneously. Here i am 5 months later, waist lesser by 2 inches, arms wider by 2 inches, chest wider by ~6 inches and weight still the same at 75kgs.
Shweta G
Loved It ! Recommended !!!!
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I am a fan of the diet chart and recipes provided here. Minor component adjustments is all it takes mostly and it enhances the taste too in most cases.

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